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Career Mode
League Structure
Regular Season
Team Relegation & Promotion
Team Improvement
Player Skills
Tips & Tricks
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Button A
controlling ball Pass the ball along the ground, in the direction of the Left Thumbstick.
Button A
controlling ball Shoot the ball at the opponents goal. You should pick which part of the net to aim for using the left thumbstick. For example, if you leave the left thumbstick untouched, the player will aim for the middle of the net. The aiming is camera-relative, so aiming while in the Sideline Camera view will be different then the Baseline Camera or Overhead views. If the ball is in the air, the player will automatically attempt a bicycle kick instead of a regular shot.
Button A
controlling ball Lobbed (High Pass). If the teammate being passed to is near the opposing goal, the pass will be aimed higher so the teammate can attempt a header or bicycle kick. After a lobbed pass control will automatically switch to the target player.
Button AButton AButton A
Just before receiving passOne-timers. If you press the shoot button just before a player receives a pass, the player will start his shot motion before he receives the pass. This allows for very fast 'one-touch' shots. Please note, this can also be done for regular passes, and lobbed(high) passes.
Button A
ball is in the air Attempt header. The player will jump and attempt to head the ball towards in the net. If the player is not near the goal, he will just head it further downfield.
Button A
without ball Switch control to the closest player near the ball.
Button A
without ballThis will cause the player to attempt a bicycle kick regardless of whether the ball is in the air or not.


Button Action
Button A
Switch players to the closest one near the ball.
Button A
Attempt a slide tackle. Note, the speed and length of your tackle depends on your current speed as well as your Tackling skill rating.
Button A
(while ball is in the air) - Attempt a header.
Button A
This will cause the player to attempt a bicycle kick.

Roleplay Mode

When you are in Roleplay Mode you control the same player all the time. When you don't have the ball you can force your teammates to pass it to you or shoot the ball by pressing the normal button used for that action (i.e. shoot,pass or lobbed pass).


League Structure

The League consists of 64 teams divided into 4 divisions of 16 teams each. In general, the best 16 teams compete in division 1, and the other teams compete in the other divisions with the worst teams competing in divsion 4. Each season consists of a Regular Season and Playoffs.

Regular Season

free soccer game regular seasonDuring the regular season every team plays every other team in their division. This means that each team will play 15 games during the Regular Season. Teams are ranked depending on how many 'points' they have. 3 Points are awarded for every win, and 1 Point is awarded for a draw. Ties in the standings are broken by Goal Difference (Goal Difference = Goals Scored - Goals Scored By Opponent), if a tie still exists, the team with the most Goals Scored is ranked higher. The top 8 teams at the end of the regular season qualify for the Playoffs.


free soccer game playoffs The Playoffs consist of a single-elimation tournament to decide the division champion. There are no ties possible in the playoffs; if the time runs out during a match with the score tied, the match continues until one team scores a goal. The winner of the playoffs and the runner-up (i.e. the team that lost in the Playoff final) both move up to next higher division in the next season. The winner of the Division 1 Playoffs is crowned the SFG Cup Champion.

Team Relegation & Promotion

After the end of each season, the bottom two teams in each division (i.e. the 15th and 16th place teams) are moved down or 'relegated' to the division below. For example, the bottom two teams in Division 1 will move down to Division 2, the bottom two teams in Divsion 2 will move down to Division 3 etc.. In addition, the winner and runner-up of each division's playoffs (with the exception of Division 1) will be promoted to the next higher division. Please note, even if a team finishes first or second in the Regular Season, the team must still advance to the Playoff Final to be promoted to the next division.

Team Improvement

free soccer game regular season You can improve the players on your team by performing well during league matches. After each match in career mode, your performance is rated and you earn Experience Points (XP). For every 300 XP you earn, you earn a 'Level'. A Level simply means you can improve each player's skill rating by 1 point. So if you earn 4 Levels in one match, you can improve one skill rating for each player by 4 points. For those interested here is the forumla used for calculating XP for each match:
  • Goals Scored: 100 XP per goal.
  • Goals Difference: 125 XP per goal(Minimum 0).
  • Win/Loss: 200 XP for a win. 75 XP per Draw.
  • Playoff Win: 400 XP per win.
  • Opponent Quality: The opponents Overall Rating multiplied by 2.
  • Favourite/Underdog: +100 XP if your team has less Overall Skill. -100 If your team has more Overall Skill.
  • 1 Level = 300 XP

Player Skill Ratings

Each player has a skill rating in 5 different categories:
  • Speed: Affects the maximum speed of a the player, as well as how fast the player can turn.
  • Shot Accuracy: The better this rating the closer the shot will go to where you are actually aiming.
  • Shot Power: Affects how hard your regular shots (i.e. not headers or bicycle kicks) travel.
  • Tackling: Affects how fast and how far your slide tackles are. Your actual speed also affects tackling, so if you are running at top speed the slide tackle will be better as well. This stat also affects how aggressive an AI-controlled player is going to attempt slide tackles. So weaker tacklers are less likely to attempt slide tackles in the first place.
  • Air Attack: Controls both the accuracy and power of your headers and bicycle kicks. This skill is not available for goalkeepers.
  • Reaction: (Goalies only) The lower this skill rating, the longer the goalie will take to react to a shot on goal.

Tips & Tricks

  • Bicycle kicks and headers are very effective ways to score goals. To practice your timing use the Practice Mode.
  • Don't forget about your formations. Setting the 'Attack' formation is a very good way to put lots of players near the net for header, or one-timer opportunities.
  • When you are still in Division 3 or 4, Speed and Shot Power are the most important skills. Once you get to Division 1 or Division 2, it becomes more important to have a good Air Attack for your forwards, and a good Tackling skill for your defenders. The Reaction skill is the most important skill for Goalies.


I found a bug in SFG Soccer, can it get fixed?

Definitely. Please let us know and we will fix it ASAP. Depending on the severity of the bug, an update/patch will be released to address the bug.

I would like to see a new feature/addon/tweak in SFG Soccer, can you put it in the game?

All feature requests are welcome and appreciated. If it's something relatively easy to do, we may include it in a future update or patch. If it's more involved, we can include it in a future release of SFG Soccer. You can suggest features in our Suggestion Thread, or by emailing us.

How long is Career Mode?

There is no limit to how many seasons you can play. One goal of Career Mode is to win an SFG Cup, and another goal is to win more SFG Cups than any other team. The ultimate goal would be to level up all your players to have a 100 rating in all skills. How long it takes to achieve any of these goals depends on a) how long you choose to make each match, b) how fast your team improves (depending on your performance). Most players will have to play at least 100 games to win their first SFG Cup.

How do I choose my player in Roleplay Mode?

You control the player you last controlled before switching to Roleplay Mode. So if you want to control a specific player, switch to that player first (by either passing to him, or switching to him while on defense), and then switch to Roleplay Mode.

Does shot power and accuracy also count for passing, or is passing fixed at a standard rate?

Passing is fixed at a standard rate.

When you start a Career, which team does your team replace and is there a way to choose this?

Your team automatically replaces one of the worst teams in Division 4 (picked at random). There is currently no way to choose which team gets replaced.


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