Stir Fry Games is seeking a highly motivated, multi-talented artist to take our small start-up game developer to the next level. The ideal candidate will be comfortable creating a variety of art assets including 3D environments, characters, textures, character animations, concept art, as well as 2D art. A strong passion for video games, and an entrepreneurial spirit is a strong plus.

Technical Skills Required:

  • ability to create high-poly and low-poly art in a modern 3D modeling package (eg.3DS Max,Maya)
  • proficiency with Adobe Photoshop or a similar product in creating 2D in-game art, as well as concept art
  • ability to create both realistic and stylized 3D character animations
  • strong passion of video games and video game design

This is your chance to actually have a say in what kind of games you work on, and to reap the rewards of joining a company in its early stages.

If interested, please email your resume, and some samples of your work (or a link to an online portfolio), to jobs@stirfrygames.com


  • Artistic and Creative Freedom -you get a huge say in what all of the art in our games is supposed to look like, and even what games we should be making
  • Variety of Work -doing everything from texturing, to animating, to playtesting is much more rewarding than spending 3 days normal-mapping a rock.
  • Company Culture -this is your chance join and shape the kind of company you want to work for


Stir Fry Games is a small game development company based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It was formed by computer nerd Andy Kwiatkowski in the summer of 2009. Stir Fry Games is dedicated to making games that are easy to pick-up and play, but have depth and character. SFG is not tied down to any specific genre, platform or demographic.... and we reserve the right to make any random game that we choose, as long as it's fun.

Andy Kwiatkowski

Andy's been making video games since he was 12. After a 3-year stint as a pro athlete in Europe, Andy worked for Rockstar Toronto, where he worked on games such as The Warriors, Manhunt 2, and Bully (Wii Version), he eventually left Rockstar to work on his own games.

Felipe Herrera

Felipe is originally from Mexico where he worked as a Graphic Designer before moving to Canada to do post-graduate work in 3D animation. He joined Stir Fry Games in 2010. Felipe is a Jack-of-All-Trades and is responsible for all 2D and 3D art, as well as animation.


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