Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of video card does SFG Soccer require? How do I know if I have met the requirements?

SFG Soccer requires a video card with Pixel Shader support (v1.1). Most modern video cards will easily meet this requirement. If you're not sure what your video card supports, you can often find your card's specifications by doing a google search. Alternatively, you can go to a website such as CanYouRunIt.Com and select a game from the list to test your system.

What's the difference between SFG Soccer and SFG Soccer: Football Fever?

SFG Soccer is the original Xbox 360 version of the game. Football Fever is the much improved Windows version. An indie game publisher got interested in SFG Soccer and provided us with the artists, audio, testing and desgin advice necessary to take the game to the next level. There is an old Windows version of SFG Soccer floating around in cyberspace, but that has been discontinued in favor of Football Fever.

How long is Career Mode?

There is no limit to how many seasons you can play. One goal of Career Mode is to win an SFG Cup, and another goal is to win more SFG Cups than any other team. The ultimate goal would be to level up all your players to have a 100 rating in all skills. How long it takes to achieve any of these goals depends on a) how long you choose to make each match, b) how fast your team improves (depending on your performance). Most players will have to play at least 100 games to win their first SFG Cup.

How do I choose my player in Roleplay Mode?

You control the player you last controlled before switching to Roleplay Mode. So if you want to control a specific player, switch to that player first (by either passing to him, or switching to him while on defense), and then switch to Roleplay Mode.

How does 'Casual Mode' work?

In Casual Mode, you only need two buttons: shoot and pass. You don't control the movement of your players, the computer does it for you. An arrow will show you what the next possible pass is; pressing the pass button will make the player attempt the indicated pass. Similarly you can make the player with the ball shoot with the shoot button. For defense, it's all about timing your tackles by pressing the slide tackle button, the player you control on defence will automatically be selected by the computer.

Does shot power and accuracy also count for passing, or is passing fixed at a standard rate?

Passing is fixed at a standard rate.

When you start a Career, which team does your team replace and is there a way to choose this?

Your team automatically replaces one of the worst teams in Division 4 (picked at random). There is currently no way to choose which team gets replaced.

I found a bug in SFG Soccer, can it get fixed?

Definitely. Please let us know and we will fix it ASAP. Depending on the severity of the bug, an update/patch will be released to address the bug.

I would like to see a new feature/addon/tweak in SFG Soccer, can you put it in the game?

All feature requests are welcome and appreciated. If it's something relatively easy to do, we may include it in a future update or patch. If it's more involved, we can include it in a future release of SFG Soccer. You can suggest features in our Suggestion Thread, or by emailing us.


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