Frequently Asked Questions

What's the fastest way to improve my players?

One method is decide the roles of your players early and focus only on the skills you need. For example, if your Avatar is not going to block, set his initial block skill to 0 and use your skill points in other areas. You may want to start with a low Serve skill initially as well. The most important skills are Hit Power, Defense (for diggers), and Blocking (for blockers). Another tip is to only spend money on improving yourself, and not your partner, and then find a new partner once you have improved. Better partners will be available to you as your skill improves.

How can I improve my partner's Intelligence rating?

You can't improve Intelligence in the same way as the other skills. Your partner's Intelligence gradually improves over time as you play more tournaments together. Basically, you gain one intelligence point for every tournament you complete. This means it may be advantageous to stick with your partner for a while instead of constantly changing partners.

I did well in a tournament and my rank went down, what's going on?

Your Tour Points are calculated by adding your best 6 results from the past 12 months together. This means that sometimes your Tour Points go down as your past results become out-of-date.

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