Stir Fry Games is a small game development company based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It was formed by computer nerd Andy Kwiatkowski in the summer of 2009. Stir Fry Games is dedicated to making games that are easy to pick-up and play, but have depth and character. SFG is not tied down to any specific genre, platform or demographic.... and we reserve the right to make any random game that we choose, as long as it's fun.

    Why Buy From Stir Fry Games?

  • Independence: No marketing executive tells us what games to make or what features to include.
  • Support: If you find a bug, let us know and we will fix if we can as soon as possible. If you want a feature in the next game, you can discuss it directly with the people making the games on our forums.
  • Free Demos: You can try all of our games on your system to see if you like it before you purchase.
  • Price: Buying online means there is no retailer and no distributor, this means you won't be shelling out $70 for a video game.

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